Selected Works and Solutions Across Media

Selected Work for Film and Television

Script Writing And Production Creative Development:

1980 "The Glass Wall"; NEH and NAACP commissioned original script.
A documentary with archival photography animation on the personal and political life of W.E.B. DuBois
1978 "On Death and Dying"; a documentary in collaboration with Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
1976 "Tell Me A Riddle"; an authorized screen adaptation of book by Tillie Olsen

Design, Direction, Special Visual Effects And Animation:

Broadcast Television

1991 MTV Liquid Television Series; "Dangerous Puppets" Show Series segments
1990 MTV PRIMETIME "PRIMETIME" Top Of the Hour IDs, Show Open and Electronic Sets
1989 Disney Channel; "Mickey Mouse Club" Show Open and Main Title Sequence
1986 CBS/Universal Television; "Fast Times" Show Open and Main Title Sequence
1985 CBS Entertainment ; "Twilight Zone" Show Open and Main Title Sequence

Television Identity Packages and Broadcast Graphics

1984-91 Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, MTV, Showtime/The Movie Channel, VH-1, HBO, Vestron, PBS

Selections from Stage, Digital and Optical Special Visual Effects for Feature Films

1992 Columbia / Zoetrope; "Bram Stoker’s Dracula" Main Titles and Special Visual Effects Sequences
1989 Universal Pictures; "Serpent and the Rainbow" Special Visual Effects Sequences
1989 New Visions; "New Visions Pictures" Theatrical Release Logo
1989 Lucas / Zoetrope; "Tucker" Main Titles and Special Visual Effects Sequences
1985 Paramount; "Top Gun" Special Visual Effects Sequences
1983 Lions Gate; "The Philadelphia Experiment" Special Visual Effects Sequences

Selected National Commercial Spots:

1991 Foote Cone & Belding; Nabisco: "Ritz In Space"
1991 Leo Burnett Chicago; American Express: "PBS Showcase"
1990 Foote Cone & Belding; Levis 501 Blues: "Edward"
1987 Leo Burnett Chicago; McDonalds:"Cheese Burger Chase"
1986 DMB&B; Southwestern Bell: "Who Helps"
1986 Dancer Fitzgerald and Sample NY; L’Eggs: "Sheer Energy"
1985 McCann Erikson SF; National Dairy Board: " Pass It On"
1984 Grey NY; Honeycomb: "Imagination"

Creative Director for New Media and Digital Media Divisions

Selected Digital and Interactive Media Works
Creative Director and Co-Designer
Interactive Media / Kiosks / CD-ROM / Games / IHybrid Internet Design

Published Interactive Media Prototypes and Digital Media Productions1992-95:

1995 "Secret Paths in the Forest" Purple Moon Media
1994/5 "Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge" (C)P/MediaConcrete/Brøderbund
1994 "Play-Doh Creations" Hasbro Interactive
1993 "Ruff's Bone" Living Books™ / Brøderbund / Random House

Un-Published Interactive Media Prototypes and Digital Media Productions 1992-95:

1995 "Children's Atlas" Education CD-ROM/web enabled; Creative Wonders
1994/5 "MoonChild" Interactive Music Story Book; Living Books™ Brøderbund / Random House
1993/4 "REM" Enhanced CD/web magazine concept/demo; Warner Bros. Records
1993/4 "Richter" Interactive Graphic Novel/Game script and pre-production; Spectrum Holobyte
1993/4 "Mystery House" Education CD-ROM/web prototpye and script; Electronic Arts / EAKids
1993 "Aeon Flux" Interactive Animation/Game concept; (Colossal)Pictures / MTV
1992 "Planet Drum" Interactive Music Encyclopedia concept/demo; 360 Degrees Production

1992/94 Moxy Turner Entertainment / Cartoon Network
Co-creator and Creative Director of the team that developed this award-winning proprietary methodology for real-time motion capture production through ensemble performance combining the techniques of computer graphics, animation and theatrical elements. Computer Graphics character modeling (SoftImage) with motion capture (FastTrack/Polhemus) translated by performance animation software (Alive!™), with additional puppeteering (Strata Systems Devices) and rendered (SGI four processor ONYX/RE) both in real-time for live performances and laid-off and combined with live action, graphics and animation for broadcast as series. MOXY was television’s first full body and fully expressive CGI motion-capture performance animation character.

1994 "Out Of Box Experience" INDY Launch Silicon Graphics, Inc.
The "Out Of Box Experience" was a digital four part media program bundled in each INDY desktop computer system from Silicon Graphics,Inc. Designer, animator and director of the "stop motion" animation segment featuring the digital camera and editing features. Designer, Art director, animator and director of the "Indy slot machine" segment which demonstrated the graphic resolution and animation capabilities of the INDY through an interactive 3 reel slot machine style theatrical interface.

1991 Planetary Manager National Geographic Society / Department of Education
Director, designer and art director of "Planetary Manager" the award winning interactive laser disc environmental sciences teaching tool still used in middle schools nationwide. The 18 segments accompany and augment specific pieces of curriculum and can be re-cut through on board software so that students can make their own shows from their region and personal point of view, including three "music video" segments written and scored in collaboration with the project’s Emmy winning musical director and composer Greg Hale Jones.

1990 "Rockplexx" Proposed MTV/Universal MCA Music Experience for LA City Walk
Art director, installation proposal designer and creator of two-story breakaway architectural model (1/4 scale) based on blue prints from Morphosis, Los Angeles. Researched and designed music and technology experience exhibits, modular art galleries and HDTV digital theatre based upon then "state of the art" interactive audio and art installations from around the world. Designed and created all proposal presentation materials.

Co-Founder, Creative Director and Designer

Selected Interdisciplinary and Installation Works

1994/95 The Main Video Wall Exhibit for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
8 part 23 minute Multi-screen Documentary Mural
A Permanent 96 Video Monitor Installation with Quadraphonic Sound Mix
Designed, composed and directed the main video wall exhibit for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, Ohio. This critically acclaimed documentary mural and installation has played to several million visitors since the Rock Hall opened on Labor Day 1995.

1996/7 IBM Corporation and IBM Consulting The IAA Multimedia Presentation
"The IAA Multimedia Presentation" is a CD-ROM and web connected hybrid presentation used world wide by IBM Consulting to provide a comprehensive and flexible approach to providing services to the international insurance industries. Designer and co-wrriter of the 118 page interactive script, designer of all the grahic user interface for this linear or non-linear presentation, art director and principal director of project.

1996 IBM Research Center Multimedia Showcase Experience Hawthorne, New York
Designed an interactive conference center, location-based showcase and multimedia presentation for The IBM Corporation research center. Wrote the script for an interactive showcase experience and designed the conference room and multimedia workstation desks for participants. Designed a multimedia web enabled companion exhibit to represent the IBM Center at trade shows.

1995/6 Hewlett-Packard Laboratories Broadband Information Systems R&D
Researched wrote and designed a music content based "future of technology" broadband distribution prototype for Hewlett-Packard Labs, including supervising broadband technology overview in collaboration with principal scientists, storyboards, behavioral specs, detailed design specs and paper prototype implementation. Created the "push/pull" GUI and designed visual interface for browsing collections of meta objects (photos, music, video etc.) based on relationships between objects and user preferences.

Other Selected Works

1996 Explorations in Interactive Cinema San Francisco State University
Cinema Department Course 523
Lecture and laboratory production course for graduating film majors. Focus on the relationships between traditional linear filmmaking methods and materials and alinear story telling, interface design and digital media techniques.

1989-90 Feature cover stories writer for MACWORLD magazine

Author and designer of feature articles popularizing the role of desktop computing in the film production context including the first published reviews of PIXAR’s Renderman, PhotoShop, MacroMedia’s Director and Electric Image among others.

1991-92 Contributing designer, artist, and writer for the founding and launch of WIRED Magazine.

1999-2010 SOULWARE™
Co-Inventor of system, apparatus and methods for storage, retrieval and exchange of personal profile data enabling consistent interpretation across multiple device, applications and data services.

Patent Agent: Morrison & Foerster LLP - San Francisco, CA, US
Patent Inventors: Nicholas Koenig, Stuart Cudlitz, Eric Gregory

1981-2013: Adjunct faculty, Guest Lecturer and Digital Media Panelist

The School of Visual Arts
Parsons New School for Design
Hampshire College
UMASS Amherst
Lawrence Livermore Labs
U.C. Berkeley
San Francisco State University
MacWorld Expositions
Silicon Graphics Development Conference
The California Governor’s Conference on Technology and the Arts
and other educational institutions and media and computer industry events.

Member of ACM, IEEE, and The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

1960 - 2009

Bearsville, New York

New York City, New York



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