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Planetary Manager 1992

The software for GTV Planetary Manager was developed during production 1991-1992 at LucasArts by Andrew Kaluzniacki and André Burgoyne. The multimedia educational software application runs on Macintosh computers and was written from the ground up in THINK C using TCL 1.3; the software includes the custom Laserdisc drivers and graphical user interface design for interactive video editing.
This educational production is still available for curriculum and used in schools more than 10 years later.

National Geographic Society; GTV Planetary Manager
Level I Kit
Grades 5-12
Product #WE81121

This high-impact, double-sided videodisc casts students in the role of “planetary managers” as they explore critical environmental issues such as global warming, deforestation, and water pollution. What’s more, they’ll grasp key connections between the environment, science, and society.

Side 1 provides a comprehensive overview of nine major environmental issues and examines topics such as the biosphere, ecosystems, population growth and its impact on the environment, and biodiversity.

Side 2 of this videodisc provides a closer look at specific pressing environmental issues: air pollution, ozone depletion, solid-waste management, and soil degradation.

Let students create their own presentations!

Students can supplement Planetary Manager’s expansive visual database with the Level III Kit’s software database to investigate problems, grapple with solutions, and even edit their own video presentations!

ISBN: 0-7922-2840-5
Copyright Date: 01-FEB-92
U.S. Price: $149.95
Canadian Price: $235

Suggested Subject Areas

* Earth Science
* Ecosystem & Biodiversity & Habitats
* Environment
* Life Science
* Physical Science
* Science
* Weather & Climate teacher_store/products/WE81121.html

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