1996 Explorations in Interactive; Cinema San Francisco State University
Cinema Department Course 523

Working with Professor Jane Veeder, 1996 I co-created and taught a new piece of curriculum at San Francisco State University on the subject of Interactivity and cinema. This was a lecture and laboratory production course for graduating film majors. For my part I wrote and presented six lectures on the relationships between traditional linear filmmaking methods and materials and digital non-linear story telling, interface design and techniques.
These lectures were based on a work in progress, a professional and educational reference workbook on the relationships between traditional art techniques and digital media ("How to Make Art").

The following grid of pictures were shot during lecture 1 as a practical examination of the concept of frame of reference,camera position, point of view and randomly generated story structure.
Each person in the class was handed a polaroid camera and took any photo they wanted from their position in the room during the first of two 45 minute sessions. The photos were then arranged in a grid so that they would resemble a document of the proxemics of the space and interface for a non-linear multiple point of view story-board.
These principles were examined further in the course on both a laboratory and lecture basis.



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