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Forbidden Fruit is a series of work from the1990's.
These are personal pieces executed in the vocabulary of the studio artist, then torn up and reassembled into lyrical visual poems. The nudes are from life drawings; the still life elements, the flowers and fruit, were all drawn from the farmer's market and flower shops in San Francisco. The posters and collage elements used were documents torn from my life and archcive.
By using these intimate techniques and materials I was best able to examine the immediate themes of what is forbidden. Those aspects of food and sleep, sex, sin, faith and redemption, fame and success, death and rebirth were on my mind. These plastic visual poems combined the tradtional painterly techniques with the thinking that came from works in photocollage and constructions, theater, filmmaking, digital media and language.
I have since extended this examination into the public space with the series What is Re(a)d, which is represented in the works in progress gallery.

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