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From early traditional studio training to mid-career my artworks have integrated painting with aspects of poetry, film and music composition, and collaborations with performance media and creating large installation works. The result is an interdisciplinary portfolio that has been augmented through work in digital media, as a writer, designer and educator.

I am an interdiscplinary artist who uses an eclectic and diverse means informed by a transformative vision that originates from the lineage of the fine arts tradition. My work is very process driven. I use this vocabulary to express in contemporary methods and materials the themes and issues of language and the mixing of media in painting.

I am currently working on a series of new artworks, the "What is Re(a)d" series. Elements of these works include the subjects, materials and methods of traditional painting combined with techniques of assemblage and figurative abstraction with pop art themes. Rearranging and layering found materials construct the under-painted surfaces for this work. This large-scale project now includes 30 works in progress consisting of single panels, diptychs and triptychs ranging in size from 3’x5’ to 5’X9’.

On a more intimate scale, I am completing a 25-year series of artists books. Started in 1976, these now number more than 1700 montage and mixed media works, each 11"X17", and are grouped into visual language and story driven vignettes. Many individual pages have been published in magazines or exhibited and sold as mounted pieces or in bound book form.

I am also completing a book on the relationships between traditional art (that which is considered analog) and digital methodologies. This is written under the working title "How to Make Art" and is the result of many years of both practical application and experience working and teaching across media and disciplines.

Included in this site are folios of archives and sketchbooks from my studio that span my early training and exhibitions through to my current work in progress. I have included these folios because this media lends itself to the sort of alinear autobiography publishing that is consistent with the comprehensive interconnectedness of my work.

To this end all these galleries are architected so that the archives, folios and works of different themes and styles may be transversed, as if walking room to room. There is also an ART INDEX through which there is direct access to a particular work in a changing selection of art.
Selections from Sketchbooks, Portfolios and Studio Archives

Bearsville, New York

New York City, New York

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